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  • 450 Hardox
  • Two-way side dump
  • 3Reyco air ride suspension on 60” axle spread
  • 15” ride height suspension
  • Holland air slide fifth wheel
  • 18” kingpin setting
  • Electric Micheals rollover tarp
  • Black poly tub fenders over rear axles
  • White steel wheels (UNIMOUNT) with new 11RR22.5 or 11R24.5 tires
  • Holland landing gear
  • Custom paint


  • Tipping sills: 3/16” hat sills, 8” high (formed to straddle trailer frame)
  • Board extensions: 2X12 spruce boards with 5 plank brackets per side
  • Frame: 16” wide flange beam (size 16 @ 26)
  • Dolly leg: Post type drop legs
  • Suspension: 21B Reyco spring 50” axle spread (tandem) / Reyco 23 ATU air ride is standard on tri-axle end dumps
  • Tires & Wheels: 11R24.5 or 11R22.5 tires on hubpilot steel disc wheels
  • Hoist: Custom 8” base, 5 stage, 35 to 40 ton capacity cylinder
  • Electrical system: Enclosed and sealed lighting and wiring. All lights are sealed beam and rubber mounted for long-lasting use.
  • Paint: Sandblasted and epoxy primed

Load Line Manufacturing Inc.

The key to Loadline’s ability to manufacture superior quality products is because of skilled and knowledgeable staff, that works in modern facilities with up-to-date equipment.
It is customers trust in Load Line’s products and service that has allowed the company to increase production every year. In return, Load Line is dedicated to continue building quality products that will see it grow and prosper.

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